• Show the Love: Provide children with books of their own

    Show your love of reading by providing children with books to build their own personal home library. There are thousands of local kids missing out on the joy of owning even one book. So give as much as your heart desires.

  • Strong Neighborhoods: Residents lead healthier financial life

    A new Strong Neighborhoods program between United Way and Goodwill will help residents better manage money and control spending patterns.

  • Strong Neighborhoods: Families eat and dance way to health

    United Way teamed up with Lewis Lemon Elementary PTO leaders during a recent family night event to demonstrate alternative and cost-effective ways to achieve healthy living.

  • Running a 5K Race for beginners

    Plain and simple: registering for a race will keep you motivated through the remaining harsh winter and give your workouts a purpose. Our resident triathlete shares her thoughts on how to prepare beginners to comfortably finish a 5K run.



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