MyFreeTaxes is a free, safe and easy way for anyone earning $64,000 or less to file state and federal taxes online. Optimized for mobile devices, MyFreeTaxes can save taxpayers an average of $200 in fees. The program is sponsored by United Way, with support from H&R Block®.


File Taxes for Free


 Call 1-855-MY-TX-HELP (1-855-698-9435) to reach a tax expert.


Program Reach


Outcomes: 2018 Tax Season partnership

Amount of tax returns e-filed: 276
Amount of Earned Income Tax Credits returned: 88
Average refund amount: $2,142
Average Earned Income Tax Credits amount: $2,531


Goodwill GoodTAXES partnership

Amount of tax returns filed: 2,629
Amount in total federal tax refunds returned to the community: $3.5 million
Average returned in Earned Income Tax Credits: $1.9 million
Amount saved in tax preparation fees: $567,864
Total hours volunteered: 1,692 hours
Total volunteers: 51 volunteers

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