In 1995 United Way of Rock River Valley adopted guiding principles that commit the organization to maintain the highest standards of ethics and accountability. The code that follows describes the philosophy that guides the role of paid staff in relationships with the community, donors, volunteers and one another. When working under a Code of Ethics, staff must be conscientious, committed and honest in their work and in aspects of their private lives that are related to the job. Any actions taken as a result of concerns raised about ethics issues will begin with the employee's supervisor; further action will be directed by the Personnel Policies of United Way of Rock River Valley.

As a member of United Way of Rock River Valley, we affirm that:


In matters of personal integrity:

We will respect and seek out the truth and avoid misrepresentation.

We will strive for fairness and objectivity in all activities.

We will honor the rights, dignity and privacy of others, including volunteers, co-workers, contributors and beneficiaries.

We will have the courage to face situations squarely and offer a minority opinion when necessary.


In matters of professional excellence:

We will set an example as an employee of a leading nonprofit organization, for high standards of professionalism.

We will strive to meet performance standards at the highest level.

We will encourage growth and self-improvement in co-workers volunteers and myself

We will take responsibility for my personal health and well-being and will encourage my co-workers to do the same.


In matters of accountability and efficiency:

We will make full and fair disclosure of all relevant information to donors, volunteers, agencies and other customers, who have a right to know how community-raised dollars are spent.

We will ensure that all information which is confidential or privileged or which is not publicly available is not disclosed inappropriately.

We will be a good steward of contributions and refrain from allowing expenditures of United Way funds that do not advance United Way's mission.

We will not engage in or tolerate fraud, misuse, abuse or waste of United Way resources.


In responsibilities to volunteers and co-workers:

We will support others so they can perform the tasks set in job descriptions.

We will treat others with fairness and respect.

We will involve others at appropriate levels and phases of the decision-making process.

We will assist in the development and understanding of the roles of volunteers and co-workers, define clear roles and expectations for volunteers and appropriately recognize the contributions of others.


With respect to Conflict of Interest:

We will avoid any activity or outside interest which conflicts with the best interest of United Way.

We will disclose any activity or outside interest to our supervisor that could have the appearance of a conflict.

We will refrain from participating in or influencing any decision or other action of United Way that could result in direct benefit to us or our family or an organization with which we are substantially affiliated.


In matters of personal gain:

We will not solicit or accept gratuities, gifts or favors, as outlined in the policy described in the personnel manual.

We will not use United Way resources for personal gain.

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