Show the love of reading


Take a moment and try to remember some of the books you owned as a child and some of the stories you loved to read.

Now imagine your childhood without those books. This is a reality for many young children living in our neighborhoods.

Show your love of reading and equip children with books to build their own personal home library.  


Why Books?

For a young child, an introduction to books and being read to at home sets the foundation for success in school. Consider this: the ratio of books to children in middle-income neighborhoods is 13 books per child, while the ratio of books to children in low-income neighborhoods is approximately one book to 300 children.

In the Rock River Valley, 27 percent of children live in poverty so we know there are thousands of local children missing out on the joy of owning even one book. Together with your support, United Way will provide books to children to take home throughout the school year through our school readiness and early-grade reading programs.

So give $25 to support one child, $50 for two children --- you get the point.

Give as much as your heart desires and empower a young child to develop their own love of reading.


Can't donate?
You can still show the love of reading by taking the pledge to become a volunteer reader. United Way I READ, a partnership with United Way and The Literacy Council, need volunteers to work with children in our areas. Take the pledge now >